Handmade Hyacinth Paper


This handmade paper is ideal for arts and crafts, painting, sketching and decor. It’s natural texture accepts ink and glue readily, and lends a unique and eco touch to any project.

Natural paper: a blend of hyacinth plant fibers (60%) and upcycled papers (40%)
Off White paper: a blend of upcycled white office paper (70%) and hyacinth plant fibers (30%)

About hyacinth:
This invasive plant has been encroaching on Lake Victoria, preventing access routes for fishing and smothering the population of aquatic life. With no natural predators and perfect temperature conditions, the plant rapidly consumes open space, choking off fishing routes and providing a new habitat for disease-carrying mosquitoes. On the Kenyan side of Lake Victoria, hyacinth is estimated to cover around 17,000 hectares (42,000 acres)—roughly five percent of Kenya’s lake water surface.

However, it is beautiful and useful when made into paper and ropes. We partner with artisans in the Kisumu region who hand make this paper – the lengthy process involves removing plants from the lake, grinding them into pulp, straining and processed to be dried in the sun as paper sheets. Each A1 sheet removes about 10 plants from the lake.

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