Loofah Scrubbers


We offer three types of loofah scrubbers for your eco-friendly household. Using all-natural, loofah gourds grown in Rukinga, these are biodegradable and chemical-free alternatives to conventional sponges.

To ensure your sponges last as long as possible, rinse clean and squeeze dry after using, then place it in a dry spot where it can drain. If you use a heavy amount of grease when cooking, you might replace your sponge more often, or need to wash it with soap several times to dislodge stuck grease. You can sanitize the sponge by misting the sponge with hydrogen peroxide or dipping in boiling water. Sanitizing and cleaning your sponge can help extend the life of it.

Sponge Scrubber: a loofah sewn to a Kenyan-made cellulose sponge makes for quick cleanup.
Double Loofah: two loofah sections sewn together with an upcycled kitenge hand grip.
Full Loofah: straight from the farm, enjoy the full loofah gourd for your body scrubbers or cleaning

Packaged in a set of 4 sponges, or full loofah sold by the piece,  which last about a month depending on use. Once you’re ready to replace your sponge, compost the old one or bury it in the garden. It is completely biodegradable, made of natural plant fiber and doesn’t contain any plastics or synthetics.

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