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Artisan Sheepskin Slippers


These open-back slippers are hand made in Kenya using local materials. The natural sheepskin lining keeps your toes warm, with quick and easy slip-on comfort. Our slippers are made to order based on your shoe size, please allow 3-5 business days to process your order.

The upcycled rubber tyre sole is designed for indoor use, but can be worn on a patio or veranda. To care for your new slippers, brush gently to restore fluffiness after wear. To clean, wipe gently with a soft damp cloth and comb fleece with a bristle brush. Some prefer to hand-apply a thin layer of coconut oil to repel stains.

When trying on your footwear for the first time, it may feel very tight across your toes and instep. This is nothing to worry about, as within a few hours of wearing, the slippers will loosen as the wool starts to bed down and mould to your feet.

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