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Hand Carved Spoons


Coffee Wood Tool Trio:
Using prunings from local coffee farms, we carve the branches into a trio of 3 useful tools for your home.
1: This all-natural spoon is a combination of a teaspoon and tablespoon, doing away with drawer clutter. Strong enough to mix and stir, you’ll find this is a handy addition to your baking routine.
2: A scooped spreader works for buttering toast, preserves and jellies, and perfectly suited for service on a charcuterie display.
3: The tiny wooden spoon is not only fun, but hardworking. Small scoops of salt, spices and herbs are ideal for this carved spoon.

Tiny Spoon Set of 6
Ideal for serving anything you’d like to savor a tiny bite of, try these with your gelato, spices, salt cellar, caviar, jams and chutneys. We work with a cooperative of woodcarvers that rescue small scraps that are leftover from larger carvings. Usually destined for firewood, we are excited to be able to upcycle these into a useful and fun tool.


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