The Meera Handmade Wool Duvet


Enjoy deep, restorative sleep with our exceptionally lightweight wool comforter. Handmade using natural Kenyan cotton and stuffed with chemical-free and lightweight wool fiber from local sheep. Careful quilting prevents the wool filling from shifting, providing even temperature control.

Wool naturally wicks away moisture, keeping you cool and dry in the summertime heat. And in the colder seasons, wool keeps you warm without overheating, leading to a more restful sleep, night after night. Studies have shown that the resting heart rate of people who sleep under wool is lower than those who sleep under typical synthetic bedding. Most importantly, this enhanced resting-state allows you to fall asleep faster and enjoy deeper sleep throughout the night. Our Meera comforters are made to order – please allow 10-20 business days for production.

These comforters are not machine washable. Spot clean with a soft brush and a gentle cleaner such as this laundry bar made by Grounded. Always encase your wool comforter in a washable duvet cover for protection and long life. (We offer Kenyan cotton duvet covers, with hand-carved coconut buttons.) Regular sunning and airing is a great way to take care of your wool comforter, as the sun will naturally revitalize and refresh the bedding. The duvet covers should be washed in the gentle cycle with cold water and non-toxic soap. Dry cleaning is not recommended due to the harsh and toxic chemicals involved during the process.

“The Meera” is named after a special friend who inspired us to develop this comforter. She passionately shared a story with us about her desire to incorporate more natural and local fibers into her lifestyle, and to have them readily available in Kenya. We were in full agreement that the best products are homegrown. It is so wonderful to have access to local fleece and high-quality cotton, all 100% grown, harvested and processed by Kenyan artisans. We owe our thanks to lovely Meera for this inspiration, her words and spirit helped us power through months of product development and creativity. We hope you enjoy this beautiful product as much as we know she would.
In memory of Meera Desai, 16/07/1972 – 05/02/2019. Om Shanti Shanti Shanti.

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