Superfood: Golden Milk


A favorite ritual of ours to smooth out the transition from daytime to bedtime is a warm mug of Supercharged Golden Milk. The process of heating, stirring, and pouring the milk is calming in itself.

The warm cozy golden color comes from healing turmeric, boosting your mood, and calming your brain. Our custom blend of locally grown reishi mushrooms, ashwagandha, spices and baobab powder adds a healing plant-based boost to your beverage.

Caffeine-free and nourishing, this is best enjoyed with hot water and a generous splash of organic milk. Not a fan of dairy? Add a dollop of coconut oil, or simply mix in your favorite oat or cashew milk for a luxurious treat.

75 grams in a recyclable glass jar – return the empty jar to us for a 100/- credit!


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