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Embroidery Kit


Our embroidery kit combines modern design, traditional stitches, and is packed with happiness and stress relief. Embroidery has long been our go-to craft for times that you need to slow down, put on some music, or sit and sew by a cozy fire. The meditative care that goes into stitching is healing and creates an enormous sense of accomplishment.โ €
โ €
About the designs: a sampler pattern includes simple stitches to help you practice or learn new ways to create texture. ๐ŸŒŸThe superstar ๐ŸŒŸ of the kit is a pattern designed by the talented Nzilani at Kulula Goods, featuring a beautiful lilac-breasted roller (the national bird of Kenya!). Nzilani has designed a pattern that is equally challenging, aesthetically captivating and creative. โ €

This kit includes everything you need to get started: needles, thread, mini scissors, 2 designs, Kenyan cotton fabric, and an embroidery hoop, all packaged in a handy zipper bag. We couldn’t be more proud of this kit – we hope it brings as much joy to your crafting sessions as it did for ours!
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