Kombucha Starter Kit


Everything you need to start making your own kombucha at home! Kit includes all you need for the first fermentation: a recipe, live SCOBY with starter tea, sugar and black tea, breathable cloth, and 2liter glass jar. Also provided for your second fermentation are a strainer, funnel and a 500ml glass jar. We recommend brewing in glass, and recycled jars when possible.

We happily offer free advice and tips via email, WhatsApp and our sister group on Facebook: @Culture254 

Cold weather affecting your brew? Consider wrapping up your brewing jar with a dish towel, or using a heating mat. We like the ones typically found online for amphibians, as they maintain a low temp and do not use a lot of electricity.

*Free with purchase: kefir grains to make another fermented brew!* Read more about this amazing and simple probiotic by clicking here.

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