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Covid Care Kit


We hope that you have been staying as safe as possible, washing hands and wearing a mask. We have received serval orders for “Covid Care Kits”, so we have put together this curated set of our most healing products. If you are in quarantine, feeling unwell, or at home with symptoms, here are some essential tools to help speed your recovery.

Covid Care Kit Contents:
“Lala salama” pillow mist, to ease those restless nights
Scented eye pillow for headache relief
Clean kabisa hand sanitizer with tea tree essential oil
Pure local spirulina, a powerful superfood with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and brain-protective properties
Artemesia tincture, a herbal remedy for coughs and colds, with proven antioxidant and pain reliving properties
FREE: included with all orders is a leleshwa smudge stick, so you can send those bad Covid vibes out the door!

Stuck in quarantine with nothing to do? Add on one of our DIY kits to help keep you creative and busy. From coloring books, to knitting kits, we have a few ideas on ways to keep your brain busy and distracted during these challenging times.

Product price inclusive of 16% VAT

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