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Self Striping Wool Yarn


A dream of colour is found in this limited edition hand-dyed sock weight yarn. Our variegated hand spun Kenyan wool yarn has technicolour and ombre effects, which are easily worked into your pattern with zero effort! Perfect for beginners who want to use several colours without the hassle of changing yarns. This lightweight yarn works up nicely into beautiful socks, shawls and fine knitwear. Suited for needles sized 1.5mm to 2mm, although larger sizes can be used for a lacy effect. Each is wound into cakes of approximately 100gms, with an estimated length of 400 meters.

This is a very special product, and as far as we know, the first of it’s kind in Kenya. The wool comes from Corriedale sheep, farmed in pastures around the Rift Valley region. After the sheep are sheared, the raw wool is then transported to a community of talented spinners near Nakuru town, who carefully wash and card the fiber to prepare it for spinning. When the fleece is clean, it is carefully spun into this thin weight – which takes skill and knowhow developed over years of spinning. The pure wool hanks are then dip dyed into vats of dye, in sections, to create the ‘striped’ color effect. The “Self-striping” colors gradually change as you knit or crochet to create painterly stripes.  The color changes can be subtle or bold, but they are fun to play with either way.

Since this is a natural, handmade product the selection of colors and weight will vary. 100 gram balls are approximately 400 meters in length. Please contact us directly if you have a specific project in mind, and we can recommend yarn based on our current inventory.

Wash knits in cold water and lay flat to dry. Colors may fade in bright sunlight. Protect your natural wool from moths and insects by adding a few drops of lavender or leleshwa essential oil.

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