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Remember Love Knitting Kit


Our newest knitting kit is packaged in a custom printed bag with a beautiful design illustrated by Kulula Goods. We chose “Remember Love” as the message on the bag, as it’s a phrase that has helped us over tough times. No matter how difficult your journey is, and when things seem like they are not going well, we hope you know – there is someone out there who loves you!

The kit includes a beginner pattern and instruction book for new knitters, a handmade pair of knitting needles, an eco-journal to jot down your favorite patterns, and two large cakes of our Rift Valley chunky yarn. This is everything you need to get started on a new cozy project!

Recently, we met a wonderful woman named Gill, the patron of the Laikipia Palliative Care Center in Nanyuki. The LPCC is not-for-profit, providing free services in quality Home-based Palliative Care to those with life limiting illness. The families there have a great interest in knitting, and we would like to offer you the option of becoming a friend to the LPCC – buy a kit and specify ‘donation’ and we will deliver it to them.

Whether you choose to purchase a kit for your own use, or donate to our partners at the LPCC, we know you will find joy and love in creating your very own knits with 100% local handmade Kenyan products. Happy Crafting!

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