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Sheepskin Puff Stool


We’ve been really cold during this Nairobi “winter” and we are trying to figure out as many ways to make our houses cozy as possible. First: sheepskin rugs, then: artisan slippers, and now introducing… The Puff Stool!

We are offering two styles, one made from natural Kisumu cotton, the other from upcycled cement bags. Both are covered in a cozy sheepskin fleece, perfect for toe-snuggling. Wool has incredible benefits, keeping you warm as well as being a natural and biodegradable solution.

Pop one of these Puff Stools under your office desk, next to the couch, or in a kids’ play area for a functional dash of coziness. The stools come with a removable liner so you can easily wash or spot clean them, and can be pre-stuffed with shredded cement bag strips.

Healing properties of wool: 100% natural | Biodegradable | naturally breathable | odor resistant | soft on skin

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