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Plant Dyed Wool Yarn


We are beyond excited to offer a small collection of handspun wool that is dyed with the natural colors of plants. Available in 5 colorways, this is a unique and special treat as the wool is natural and eco-friendly. Made with love and care by the talented team at Kenana Knitters, this yarn has a beautiful stitch definition when you knit or crochet.

Blue: red cabbage
Yellow: kahoko leaves
Orange: dahlia flowers
Dark pink: beetroot
Olive green: plectranthus barbatus leaves

Since this is a natural, handmade product the selection of colors and weight will vary. Please contact us directly if you have a specific project in mind, and we can recommend yarn based on our current inventory.

Care: wash knits in cold water and lay flat to dry. Colors may fade in bright sunlight. Protect your natural wool from moths and insects by adding a few drops of lavender or leleshwa essential oil.

Wound into cakes of 100gms.

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