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Herbal Remedies


This dynamic duo is coming to your rescue! Studies show the incredible benefits that plants and flowers offer in support of our health. During trying times, we have these two products at our side to assist.

Panic Potion, a floral essence, contains the energetic imprint of 5 flowers which help relieve serious anxiety or stress. Floral Essences are fragrance-free, and do not have a taste. The energetic imprint of flowers is extracted into alcohol and water, and when taken, restore harmony and balance. This particular blend is made from Kenyan flowers, the radiant energetic fields of St. Johns Wort, Aloe, Lavender and Rose.

Artemisia annua tincture has proven benefits for relief of headache, soothing joint pain, and as a therapy for malaria. ⠀

These flowers and plants are organically grown in the Nairobi Physic Garden, an incredible space occupied by positive energy, happy plants, and a very talented healer. Both panic potion and artemisia extract are infused in pure vodka.

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