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Muscle Rub Kit


Sore muscles? Aching back? Overdid things on your last workout or have an old injury? This DIY remedy is here to help. We’d like to highlight the benefits of making your own healing products, free from chemicals and harmful additives. One of our most popular home remedies is this muscle massage oil: miraculous for soothing aches and pains and reducing inflammation. ⠀⠀

The DIY kit includes 15mls each pure frankincense and myrrh essential oil, beeswax, 30mls baobab oil, recipe card, mixing jar, and a hand-carved spoon. You can make 5-10 batches from this starter kit. Try it and you’ll never look at conventional pain relief the same way again. This works, it’s all-natural and contains 100% Kenyan ingredients!⠀

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