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Embodied Boundaries Workshop


A full day program for sensitive people to explore energy leakages and learn embodied practices to strengthen your boundaries.

In this program, we will explore emotional states, behavior and energies that leads to energy leaks and toxic attachments. You will learn how to establish healthy boundaries. You will experience embodied and energy practices to protect yourself and take full responsibility for your energy. This workshop is powerful and will support you on the long term to avoid feeling drained and exhausted. It will support you to say no when you don’t feel like doing something. This workshop will be taught by Amelie Desgroppes, a psychic and holistic coach.

This workshop is for you if:
–        You feel and absorb all the negative energy around other people
–        You struggle to say no when someone ask you for help, time, love or money
–        You overthink past situations and childhood because you struggle to accept what is
–        You easily sacrifice your own time or energy to support other people to fix their problem
–        You give more than you receive. You struggle to receive love, money, energy.

Saturday, 4th December, 9:30am to 4:30pm
10,000Kshs per person, includes class materials and light snacks. Students can bring their own lunch or order for delivery.
To reserve, contact Amelie directly on: +254 718 814277 or via email: alivewithamelie@gmail.com
Class size is limited to 8 people to observe social distancing, and will be hosted in an airy classroom and outdoors, weather permitting.

Our teacher Amelie has been a medium for 20 years and a holistic coach for 7 years. Passionate about connections between the human experience and the “invisible world” of energies, Gods and spirits, she guides people to heal past wounds, reconnect with their intuition, reclaim their power and protect their energy.

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