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Beginner Composting Demo


Composting is a simple process of recycling various organic waste products and transforming it into a nutrient rich soil conditioner. In Nairobi alone, 50-60% of waste generated is organic waste. We can drastically reduce the waste that ends up in the dumping sites by repurposing it into compost.

The talented team at Dudu Dunia will cover the basics of home composting and vermicomposting. Ideal for all ages, gardening and nature lovers to learn how to create new life from food and yard waste.

The composting products will be on display and available for purchase during the Eco Living Festival on December 11th.
Location: This event will be held at Acacia House, here is a pin to our location: Google Maps. We are located on Farasi Lane, just off Ngecha Road and behind Kabete Junior Academy.

Dudu dunia is a social startup enterprise based in Nairobi that provides the awareness, knowledge and means for anybody to produce compost from its home organic waste. Dudu dunia empowers customers to take active steps into the fight for climate change. Make Kenya greener with your compost, grow your own garden, help restoring soils, and fixing CO2 in the soil.

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