How To Make PomPoms

We love making pompoms – it’s a relaxing, creative and fun way to make beautiful and friendly decor. For ideas, have a look at our Pinterest page here: Pom Pom Crafts
The design of this recycled pompom maker is based on a familiar cardboard cutout – but much more durable! Click here to view a step by step video using the traditional maker: Youtube: how to make pom poms

1: Loop the yarn on one of the disks and place the other one on top with the stubs creating a 3mm gap between the disks.

2: Start wrapping the yarn around the two disks until you’re happy with the thickness of the yarn. The thicker your wrapping, the more dense your pompom will be.

3: Place the scissors in between the two disks and cut the pieces of yarn, cut around the circles. Insert a long piece of loose yarn before removing the plastic circles.

4: After you cut the yarn, tightly tie the two loose end pieces of yarn together. Make sure the knot it tight. Then, remove the two disk pieces. Now you have your finished pompom!